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Bound Brook, NJ

Bonnie Decorators - Upholstery Work | Bound Brook, NJ

Unlike automobiles, boats usually function in a harsher environment. The constant exposure to moisture and varying temperatures can quickly degrade the upholstery of your boat. With more than 50 years of experience, the experts at Bonnie Decorators of Bound Brook, NJ have the expertise to repair or replace your boat's upholstery thoroughly in an affordable manner.

Once you get us to your boat, our team will take a thorough look at all the upholstery and then perform a complete upholstery service including leather work as well as repair or replacement of the boat seat upholstery.

Our other services include foam rubber service, reupholstery, auto, and commercial upholstery services.

With our service, you'll never have to worry about shoddy work or overpriced services. We're licensed, and we offer a full guarantee for every work that we do. The best part is, all this comes at the lowest prices around.

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Complete boat upholstery work

Reliable boat upholstery

Don't let the upholstery in your boat get damaged any further and cause you more discomfort. Call Humberto Castellanos at 732-469-2322 as soon as possible to discuss what exactly your needs are, and we will get working on it right away.

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